Blog post frequency update for regular readers

I’ve been posting almost daily since mid December and I’ve had a blast doing it, but alas, I can feel the winds of change blowing.

I have a couple of new projects that are starting to take up a bit more of my time, so I’m going to dial back the frequency of my posts here.

First, for those who enjoy my writing, I’m trying my hand at fiction. I’ve been writing a piece of fantasy fiction to be more specific, inspired by one my homegrown Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. As of now, it’s shaping up as a short story but could turn into a novella depending on where the adventure ends up going.

D&D material is copyright protected by Wizards of the Coast, the company who owns all things Dungeons and Dragons, but they have a pretty cool licensing construct that allows folks to create and then publish content on their approved site at the Dungeon Masters Guild. Publishing here ensures Wizards of the Coast gets a cut as well as the content creators. So, stay tuned. I’ll let you all know when it’s out there.

Second, I have another graduate school class starting up next month called Developing Value Through Business Analytics Applications, which will of course take up quite a bit of time.

Given those two projects, along with the current Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I run, the future podcasts I’m scheduling, the book signings I’m putting together for spring, and the public speeches I’m working on, I’m going to shoot for one post a week, rather than one post per day, and see how that goes.

As always, thanks for following and in the words of the immortal Bartles and Jaymes, thank you for your support.



Podcast progress and a call to action!

As I mentioned in my housekeeping post of a few days ago, I’m considering adding my voice to the list of podcasts out there for those who enjoy that medium. I’ve never been on a podcast, much less conducted one, so I imagine it’s going to be a bit choppy for a while so bear with me. That said, here are my initial thoughts:

  • I enjoy having conversations with interesting people about a number of topics so I envision that will be the format.
  • The broad topics I have in mind are science, religion, politics, history, and current events so I will be seeking educators, writers, historians, politicians, faith-leaders, and activists from all walks of life.
  • I want to time the podcast such that a person sitting in Atlanta traffic during their average commute can complete an entire episode in their round trip to and from work. That means if the data is to be trusted, I’ll shoot for an hour-long show (with a 10% margin of error)
  • I have no idea how easy or difficult this will be to pull off so until then, I won’t know how many shows I will be able to produce. Stay tuned for the frequency.
  • I need a NAME. I’m Southern – born and raised with family that go back generations in the South. I also think the South needs more representation in, shall we say, public intellectualism (we have quite a reputation to overcome), so I’m thinking something that combines those two ideas.
  • Finally, my ultimate goal is to become just interesting enough to get an invite to the YouTube show Hot Ones, but not so much that I can’t walk around town without getting accosted! I’ll need your help to achieve this goal!

CALL TO ACTION: Please send me your ideas for a podcast name that you would want to listen to! Let me know via Twitter, Facebook, or comment below. Thank you!