Introducing Dungeons and Dragons Fridays

Drinks and Dragons CoverSince Friday’s are shaping up to be Dungeons and Dragons post days, I may as well spend some time sharing some of my D&D lessons learned with you. I have a YouTube channel where I put some D&D tutorials and general commentary, but I haven’t posted anything to it in over a year. It’s still out there if anyone is interested in watching me be a complete goofball.

That said, I’d like to turn this Friday post into a recurring D&D Q&A deal, so if anyone has any questions they’d like for me to tackle or subjects they’d like for me to discuss, send them along – either in the comments section or by using the contact form on the blog.

I’m still relatively new to D&D5e, but each session brings something new both as a player and a Dungeon Master. I DMd the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set starting in 2016 and that campaign lasted about 6 months. I’m currently DMing my first homegrown campaign and we’ve been going strong since early December and I expect it to stretch into March. I’ve also created and DMd several one-shots along the way as well.

So, let me know what questions you have! Some topics might be, just based on my own experiences so far:

  • How to handle difficult players
  • The different types of playing styles
  • How to create a balanced and fun encounter
  • Understanding Challenge Ratings
  • Creating sessions without combat
  • How to DM combat
  • How to play in a combat encounter
  • How to create a fun one-shot

Those are just a few potential topics off the top of my head, but I’ll let the gamers who read this blog, point me where they want me to go.

Happy gaming!

Back to D&D basics – creating a character (VIDEO)

After my little detour in to some of the more, shall we say, asinine things that pop up from time to time regarding Dungeons and Dragons, it feels nice to get back in to some classic D&D basics. Namely, making your own character.

For me, this is admittedly one of the more intimidating tasks in D&D but also one of the most fun! There are so many inputs in to character creation that it’s difficult to chunk it in to logical steps. But at the same time, the fact there are so many inputs is what makes creating your own player character so much fun.

The other cool thing about making a character is that it’s a part of the game that doesn’t require you to try to schedule a bunch of time with a bunch of different people.

It’s just you, your player’s handbook, your imagination, and a blank character sheet.

I hope you enjoy video 1 in what I hope becomes a very instructive playlist for the beginning player.

YouTube goal setting: 1000 subscribers by Dragon Con 2017

Goal: 1000 subscribers by Dragon Con in September 2017 and I’ll do a cool giveaway prize contest. But I think it makes sense to break up that goal in to phases. Sooo, I want to reach 100 subscribers by February 15th. And since I don’t have any goodies to give away yet…

…I’ll call the day the channel gets to 100, “hair cut and shave” day!

Yes, this guy needs a haircut!

Yes, this guy needs a haircut!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m actually having a blast putting helpful Dungeons and Dragons videos on YouTube (at least I hope they’re helpful)! In addition to being a creative outlet for me, I’m also sort of using my channel as a bit of an experiment.

While I know that film and sound quality go a loooong way in boosting one’s reach on YouTube, my goal is to reach 1000 subscribers on nothing more than content and the tools that I already have at my disposal. Namely, my iPhone.

At the time of this post, I have created and uploaded 12 videos and I am super stoked to say that I have 50 subscribers! Which is far more than I expected to have this early in the game.

So if you’re a Dungeons and Dragons fan or if you’d just like to see me add to the list of topics I tackle, please leave suggestions in the comments on the videos or below this post.  And in the words of Bartles and Jaymes, thank you for your support!