Ways to support

People (other than my close family) are starting to ask me how they can support my projects.

I am but one small voice in a very large crowd of tireless supporters of reason and critical thinking, but as I like to say, humanity is not suffering from too much reason! My goal is to continue creating and sharing interesting and though-provoking work that inspires and promotes critical thought. I’m hopeful that your continued support will open up even more avenues to share good epistemology; avenues such as public presentations, public debates, an eventual podcast, more books, articles, and so on.

With that, here are six things you can do to help me out:

  1. Buy “There Are No Such Things as Ghosts: A brief guide to critical thinking” on Amazon.com
  2. Like my Facebook page, R.L. Bays, and share Facebook posts that you like with friends and with groups to which you belong
  3. Follow me on Twitter and retweet interesting tweets to your followers: https://twitter.com/rlbays
  4. Follow my blog and share articles on whatever social media platforms you enjoy: http://www.rlbays.com
  5. Make a $5.00 donation through PayPal via the link on the top right side of my blog’s landing page
  6. Build your critical thinking library buy purchasing your books via the Must Reads page on my blog

Thank you!

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