On pink hat wearing snowflakes

A total stranger called me the “embarrassment of Marietta” and a “pink hat wearing snowflake.”

Anyone who follows my blog, or my Facebook page, or who follows me on Twitter, by now knows I’m in my local newspaper‘s editorial section quite a bit. Almost without exception, I’m sending in observations or responses to what I see are lapses in critical thought in my community. It’s no surprise then, that my pieces are often about scientific illiteracy, religious overreach, and politics. And while I do try to write from a position of truth, shockingly not everyone agrees with me.

I’m sure this gentleman intended his words as an insult, but he unintentionally gave me an amazing compliment. It was sort of an, “I’m in the phone book” moment! (If you don’t catch the reference, then please put Steve Martin’s classic, “The Jerk” on your must watch list.) What he was accidentally telling me is that he’s reading my stuff and it’s starting to resonate. Clearly I’m not (yet) changing his mind, but the words are entering his brain and in an environment where so many insulate their ideas in echo chambers, I count this as wonderful progress.

With that, I encourage all of the “pink hat wearing snowflakes” to continue pushing for progress, equal treatment under the law, free speech, free press, the right to protest peacefully, a sustainable environment, individual liberty, scientific literacy, freedom from and of religion, and all of those liberal values that promote greater well-being for all.

People are paying attention.

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