New resolution, new pricing, new happenings

I have a New Year’s resolution. Like all good resolutions, it’s simple, measurable, and achievable.

My resolution is to give at least 5 talks in 2018 that support critical thinking.

While five is a stretch target for someone operating under a punk rock ethos here with regards to public activism, independent publishing, etc., I still think it’s well within reach. I have delivered a number of “business” presentations over the years at large conferences across the United States so I sort of know the drill. Also, given the number of topics that can fall under the category of “critical thinking,” my hope is that finding audiences, forums, and venues should not be too terribly difficult. My ultimate goal for the year is to be invited to participate on either a panel discussion or to give a standalone talk during the Skeptrack at Dragon Con 2018. That gives me nine months.

I am however, but one small voice in a large and (thankfully) growing crowd of tireless supporters of reason and critical thinking and as I like to say, humanity is not suffering from too much reason. The best single thing I can do if I am going to realize this resolution of mine is to continue creating thought-provoking, entertaining, and relevant content for you all!  I’m hopeful that your continued support will open up even more avenues to share good epistemology and critical thinking; avenues like the presentations I’m targeting in my resolution, plus public debates, an eventual podcast, more books, articles, and so on.

With that, here are 5 things you can do today to support me:

  1. Buy “There Are No Such Things as Ghosts: A brief guide to critical thinking” on and then share it with a friend. My goal with this book was not to make a ton of money, but to put some of the fundamentals of critical thinking into the hands of as many people as possible. To that end and since I’m the one in charge of it, the pricing should reflect that goal. As of Jan 1, 2018, I believe it does. I’ve half-joked in a spell of hubris, that I would like for a copy of “There Are No Such Things as Ghosts” to reside alongside that Gideon’s volume in every hotel night stand, just to give folks an option for where they might draw some inspiration!
  2. Like my Facebook page, R.L. Bays, and share posts from the page with friends and with groups to which you belong.
  3. Follow me on Twitter and retweet interesting tweets to your followers
  4. Follow my blog and share articles on whatever social media platforms you enjoy
  5. Make a $5.00 donation through PayPal via the link on my blog’s home page

If you have already done one or more of those things, then you have my sincerest thanks! Here’s to a great 2018!

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