A little street epistemology in a creationist Facebook group

I joined a Creationism group on Facebook. I honestly don’t expect that I will show anyone in that group some academic paper or textbook that will magically cause them to change their minds.
My hypothesis is that ideas which run counter to what’s commonly accepted as scientific fact, only persist because of either the inability or unwillingness of otherwise rational adults to examine and critique their own deeply held beliefs through the reason-based lens of critical thinking.
Here’s what I asked of them:
“If you all are so inclined and If the rules of the group allow, I would love for you all to read my book on the topic of critical thinking and then think about how it applies to creationism as a sustainable idea. I don’t want my ideas to reverberate in an echo chamber of confirmation bias, so I’d be really interested in whether or not any of the concepts and ideas in the book cause you to re-think your epistemology. Plus it’s a quick read. 🙂 Cheers!”
I’m excited to find out if they take me up on it and I’ll be sure to write about the experiences, interactions, and any feedback I do receive.

2 thoughts on “A little street epistemology in a creationist Facebook group

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