An interesting perspective on Roy Moore, etc. from Christianity Today

There’s a lot going on in the linked editorial from Christianity Today entitled, The Biggest Loser in the Alabama Election: It’s not Republicans or Democrats, but Christian witness, and there’s also a lot in there with which I take issue. That said, the entire piece is worth a read, but a few key lines stand out for me and are worth noting here.

First is the editor’s opening salvo,

“No matter the outcome of today’s special election in Alabama for a coveted US Senate seat, there is already one loser: Christian faith. When it comes to either matters of life and death or personal commitments of the human heart, no one will believe a word we say, perhaps for a generation. Christianity’s integrity is severely tarnished.”

This is a charge I’ve been making ever since evangelicals went all in on Trump. If ever there was solid moral ground for evangelicals to stand upon, they have long since retreated from it and have in fact, embraced moral quicksand as their foundation. There is only so much self-deception one can digest before he eventually needs to come to terms with the truth of the matter. At some point, the videos, the accusations, the audio, the lies, the admissions, all add up to one conclusion: Trump, Moore, Bannon, and the rest of the fringe, are just divisive, bad people.

Second is this,

“Many conservatives feel marginalized by the culture and remember the days when a Judeo-Christian morality didn’t need explaining or defending.”

I interpret this statement as a resounding admission of progress toward well-being for all! What we are doing by speaking out is working! I’ve never really understood what is meant by the phrase, “Judeo-Christian morality” but nonetheless, I see what’s happening with real people. Our LGBT friends are hiding less and less. The marketplace of ideas is becoming increasingly more open. And most importantly, the domain of moral judgement is no longer a strict hostage to ancient holy texts and unproven (and unprovable) claims. Rather morality is now open for each of us to discuss in its appropriate context: namely how decisions and behaviors impact the well-being of those around us.

This folks, is progress.

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