Housekeeping post: my social media strategy

My apologies as this is very much a housekeeping post, but if you are a fan, I hope you find it useful. On to the show!

Now that I’ve finally (after almost five years of tinkering) published “There Are No Such Things as Ghosts,” I’ve got a little bit of time to get my “social media strategy” sorted out. First, I’m most assuredly middle-aged, so I probably won’t be prancing around on Instagram in my skivvies anytime soon so there’s that. Second, I have a day job where I use my critical thinking skills to make an actual living, therefore most of my social media “content creation” activity will be limited to nights, weekends, holidays, and Paid Time Off (PTO as it’s known in the biz). I have figured out how to schedule posts on both on my blog and on Facebook, so once I do write something in the off-hours, I can still share it throughout the day for those who do get on social media during the work week, so that’s a nifty workaround.

Now for the strategy, by platform:

Twitter ( I have a decent Twitter following, relatively speaking, and it’s probably the most accessible to me in terms of quick communication (i.e., it’s right here on my mobile phone). Plus, since Twitter doubled the character limit to 280, one can articulate some decent points in a single tweet. My goal with this platform then will be much more around connecting with and having conversations with real people. People can contact me with information requests, speaking requests, etc., through Twitter but it’s a little choppy for that sort of thing.

Facebook ( I have a small but growing public Facebook page to support my writing projects. My goal with this platform will be to use it as an information hub. Book updates, book signings, debates, talks, and other events will be announced here. I also will share the occasional meme, letter to the editor, interesting article, political opinion, etc. People can contact me with requests through Facebook (I have a 100% response rate badge, which is sweet). Having conversations here is a bit cumbersome but it’s great for answering inquiries.

Blog ( My blog exists on a slower cycle. I don’t like to rush blog posts and I want to make these pieces a bit more thoughtful. I am at the end of the day, an activist for using reason and evidence, so I’ll try to post something new once per week. I have a “contact” form here as well which sends an email straight to me. This is probably the best way to reach me directly.

Podcast: Under consideration. I would like to create a podcast where I have intellectually stimulating conversations with interesting people. I’m envisioning an advertising-free podcast that would last about an hour (with a 10% margin of error). Given the average commute in Atlanta, a person listening to the podcast could complete an episode in a round-trip commute and have the rest of their week to listen to whatever else they enjoy! You’re welcome!

YouTube channel: For D&D related stuff, my channel is still out there but on autopilot. I had a blast making those videos last year but life took over so I had to put them on pause. I may pick them back up again in the new year so stay tuned!

Again, this all takes place in my off hours so until I’ve sold at least one million copies of my book, this is just the way it is going to have to be, and my dream of being a 100% self-sufficient public intellectual (and of being a guest on Sean Evans’ YouTube show, Hot Ones) will just have to wait. As of right now I’m simply moonlighting as an intellectual…wait…that didn’t come out quite right. Alas, happy critical thinking!

Thanks for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “Housekeeping post: my social media strategy

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  2. Pingback: Podcast progress and a call to action! | R.L. Bays

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