Letter to the Editor: With hurricanes, we see climate science confirmed

NOTE: This letter was originally published in September, when storms and hurricanes were decimating many parts of the Caribbean and the southern United States. Sadly, it inspired several climate science denying responses in the newspaper.


Climate scientists have been warning us for decades: human-caused global warming is going to lead to more intense storms. We all saw that it took Hurricane Harvey only four hours to go from a Category 2 storm to a Category 4 storm. We all see the devastation it brought to Texas in both lives and property.

Now all eyes are on Hurricane Irma. As I write this, Irma is the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. I shudder to imagine the devastation in lives and property it will bring if it hits Florida square on.

 It is a sad irony that the governors of both of those two states deny the reality of human-caused climate change. It is also a sad state of affairs that our president as well as many of the so-called leaders in Congress, including the 11th and 6th District’s own representatives, deny the reality of human-caused climate change.

As they deny reality, the effects of storms boosted by a warming ocean are unleashing catastrophic damage. It’s past time to wake up. We have to elect people who understand science.

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