New Year – New Project: Drinks & Dragons!

Sometimes you just need to mix it up a bit.

And after this past election season, I, yes even I who loves politics and who has a degree in Political Science, became sick of the spectacle. I didn’t publish anything on this page because I didn’t want to link my name with the political shenanigans I was seeing unfold. So I let the page go dark.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, my new creative outlet had been taking shape.

Perhaps it was sparked by my first visit to Dragon Con in 2016. Perhaps this is my latent nerd finally emerging from its nerd cocoon. Perhaps this is just my midlife crises! Whatever the spark, I have rediscovered after about a 30-year hiatus, the game of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

Ryan with the FSM

Ryan posing with the FSM at Dragon Con 2016.

I played D&D when I was in middle school but then high school happened and I became too busy, too cool, too whatever, and so I stopped. Let’s face it, the quarterback of the football team was probably not playing D&D. You know who was playing? The nerds.

Fast forward 30 years and do you know what people are calling those same nerds? Boss.

The world has changed. The richest most influential people on the planet are nerds. Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg. These are the movers, shakers, and innovators. But to be honest, I’m not playing D&D again because geek is chic (which it is); I’m playing because it’s an absolute blast!

I’ll post more updates as we go, but believe it or not, I’ve started a YouTube channel combining a love of my new hobby (D&D) and my old hobby (beer)! It’s called Drinks & Dragons and sure, I expect it will have a VERY niche audience, but that’s fine too. I’ll still talk about other things from time to time, but the channel is as much an experiment on what it takes to start a YouTube channel, as it is my new creative outlet.

So I’m still around, but if you need me, I’m probably playing Dungeons and Dragons! Cheers!


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