What’s wrong with America?

SadnessWe see on video, two black men in as many days, in two different parts of the country, gunned down by police.

We see on video, at least five innocent police officers in Dallas, Texas, gunned down in some kind of twisted retaliation.

Given the events of this week, we have to ask, “what is wrong with America?” But beware the simple and straightforward answer.  The task requires us to dig a bit deeper.

Is it that the job of “police officer” sometimes attracts “kick the dog because you can” types of psychopathic power trippers?

Or is it that we still view people with mental health issues as weak rather than as sick?

Or is it that we refuse to recognize the clear links between poverty, health, crime and violence?

Or is it that we think that the 50 years since the Civil Rights Act, magically erases the effects of 250 years of systemic oppression?

Or is it that we have well over 300,000,000 guns in this country and at a certain level it really is just lawlessness and vigilantism?

Or is it that we really are just violent apes who kill each other?

Or is it the fallacy of small sample size bringing violence to our faces via the heretofore unheard of capability of ubiquitous video?

Or is it that things aren’t as bad as the mass media and political machines profiting from our outrage would have us believe?

Or is it a bit of all of the above?

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