Why is Brexit a bad thing

brexit-shutterstock2On my Facebook page this morning, I posted the following:

Well, the only silver lining I can think of is that at least this morning, it feels sort of nice to not be in the most embarrassingly backward country in the developed world…‪#‎BrexitVote‬

One of my friends who has relatives in the UK who supported the exit vote, asked me why it is a bad thing. So this was my response:

Where to begin?

First, it creates uncertainty and instability in financial markets as we’ve seen and will continue to see.

It stymies business growth and opportunity for UK citizens and for those wanting to do business in the UK.

It certainly stymies the ability of their citizens to physically move and to move goods and services around Europe or for others in Europe to go to the UK.

From a security perspective, the UK retreating from the EU may have a large destabilizing effect on the rest of the EU states, particularly those with fairly large hard-line right wing factions that would like nothing more than to retreat in to old ethnic camps.

Remember the EU was born from WWII under the theory that nations that trade together and share common interests, are less likely to go to war with each other. So this retreat is a colossal – and potentially dangerous – step backward.

Finally, the one person cheering louder than the fanatic who just assassinated Jo Cox, is Vladimir Putin.

Hopefully that puts Brexit in some geopolitical perspective.

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