My gun control position in a fairly large nutshell

My gun control position in a fairly large nutshell:

imrs.phpThe US has a ridiculously high homicide rate when compared with the rest of the developed world because of our obsession with guns (see chart to the left). This obsession means we have more guns than we have people in this country.

Guns are a controllable factor and yet we do virtually nothing to control them to the degree where it makes a significant difference in homicide rates.

It’s as bizarre as it is appalling. It’s as if we’ve discovered a virus that kills and have a vaccine to stop it, but choose not to administer it. I’m not saying all guns should be banned; I’m saying that they should be tightly, dare I say “well” regulated,  as per the text in the Second Amendment.

All that said, yes, gun homicides have declined and as I’ve said elsewhere, will likely continue to decline for reasons unrelated to regulation.

And if the question is, “Is the likelihood of dying from a gun greater than many other devices/vehicles/objects/persons?”

The actual answer  is “it depends.”

If you own a gun, your chances of dying by gun increases (most likely by eating your own barrel according to the data, but of course accidents and domestic violence play in). If you are a poor, minority, young male, your chances of dying by gun also increases.

My chances of dying by gun are very small but that doesn’t stop me from wanting Congress to act to help others avoid tragedy.

We’ve made cars safer. We’ve made car seats safer. We guard against vaccine-preventable diseases. We’ve made workplaces safer. We’ve made food safer. Wherever we can find a controllable factor, we’ve endeavored to control it, with this one obvious and embarrassing exception.

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