Fun “feedback” on my pro science letter

I wrote a letter to the editor a week or so ago extolling a science initiative between a high school and an elementary school whereby the high school science students were helping the elementary school students learn the scientific method.

Yes, I did take an unapologetic swipe at scientific illiteracy. Yes, I did take a thinly veiled swipe at climate change deniers, creationists, and anti-vaxxers and from that otherwise fairly innocuous letter, a reader responded with the following:

Science should be rooted in the Bible

RE: 5/29 MDJ article “Children excited about science is wonderful” lists climate change/ evolution by natural selection as science ….

Darwin’s “theory” is still taught as fact in our institutions but Divine Creation is outlawed because as Dr. Richard Lewontin wrote “it would allow ‘the Divine foot in the door.’” It is better to not just let the “Divine Foot” but the “whole nine yard” Supernal Creator in now and find the truth rather than wait like Darwin did until it is too late.

The writer stated, “what so many adults seem to have missed along the way” as C. S. Lewis wrote, “Aim at Heaven and you will get earth thrown in; aim at earth and you get neither.” So-called “science” not based on a Biblical foundation is not science, but is like Darwin’s unfounded exuberance.

I think it’s interesting that the letter writer above seems to question climate science and biology, but skipped immunizations, as if germ theory might be the only one that counts as “real” science.  Irrespective, that someone is willing to take the time to advertise to an entire community, their scientific illiteracy at this level, then we clearly still have some work to do.

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